Why Choose House & Haven?


Why Choose House & Haven?

House & Haven is a one-stop-shop! We carry in house services essential to the home buying and selling process. We are home to Sharp Mortgages and Jacksonville Title & Trust. No matter what, you can find confidence in the expertise of our leaders.


Diverse and exclusive backgrounds in various facets of the industry allow House & Haven to provide an unparalleled experience for each client.

Our Commitment to Agent Support

At House & Haven, you will not find a more personable team. If there is anything you are unsure of, the owners, broker, and team leaders are always available, whether it's in the office or just a phone call away, to provide the assistance you need.


What is the unique add-on at H&H?

In-House Title and Mortgage Company

Imagine being able to work in your office and walk down the hallway to your closings!

Can You Count On Your Brokerage For Support When You Need It?



At House & Haven, our brokerage is backed by a team of professionals with extensive industry knowledge. Our broker, owners, and team leaders have over 50 years of experience and expertise, ensuring that you receive reliable and informed support whenever you need it.



We understand that every client's needs are unique. That's why we pride ourselves on providing personalized guidance and assistance. Whether you have questions, need advice, or require assistance with a specific real estate matter, our team is dedicated to offering tailored support to meet your individual requirements.



At House & Haven, we review everything in real time and adjust our approach to the market as needed. We believe that your office technology and approach to your business should never be out of touch. That's why we have a completely modernized office and approach to business. We're looking for realtors who are ready to take their careers to the next level and join us in this exciting venture.


"I came to House & Haven from another broker, and from both a business AND personal perspective, I am definitely glad I did! House & Haven has given me not only support and encouragement, but also provided the freedom to craft my real estate business into what works for me. Many "big box" brokers do not do that, and just put you in their training and marketing assembly line. Other H&H agents agree what an outstanding and diverse company we have, everyone gets along well and is respectful, a positive atmosphere, and that we never work in competition but in cooperation. My business continues to move upward."
-H&H Agent


The agents at House & Haven have immediate access to social media content like the one shown below! As a realtor, keeping up with social media can be hard. It's important to have a brokerage that provides content to you -- FOR FREE!!



When a client chooses to work with an H&H agent, they not only benefit from a concierge-like experience, but also gain the advantage of a dedicated team working tirelessly to achieve their goals. Experience the power of collaboration with House & Haven.


Community Involvement


Looking For A Change?

At House & Haven, we set ourselves apart from the majority of real estate brokerages. We understand that accepting just anyone with a pulse may lead to subpar results. Instead, we take pride in our selective approach, ensuring that we maintain a high standard of excellence.

Our brokerage is built on a strong culture that we have carefully cultivated, and we are committed to preserving its integrity. As we continue to expand, we are actively seeking individuals who share our values and can make a positive contribution to our team.

Quality is our priority, not quantity. We prioritize expertise and knowledge within our brokerage, valuing agents who are dedicated, skilled, and passionate about their craft. We believe in providing a supportive environment where agents can thrive and excel.

Join us at House & Haven, where quality and expertise are valued above all else. Together, we can elevate the real estate industry and redefine success.


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William Sharp, President of Business Development


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House & Haven prides itself on being a legacy real estate group, one who’s background uniquely stands out among the rest. House & Haven’s owners' unique backgrounds in different facets of the industry allow for an unparalleled experience for the client.

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