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Szonja Jazmin Kokeny

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Szonja was born and raised in Hungary. From a young age, Szonja nurtured a passion for travel and discovery. This wanderlust has brought her to the United States where she has worked and lived in various cities. She fell in love with the sunshine state and decided to set roots in Florida!

As someone who has experienced the joys and challenges of moving from place to place, Szonja knows exactly what it takes to find the perfect home. This experience has sparked her interest in real estate. Szonja has a natural talent for making connections with people, knowledge of different communities and has a keen eye for detail. 

Szonja enjoys being a part of House & Haven because besides being professionals, everyone shares the same values about giving back to the community by supporting local organizations and charities. Her main goal is to find all her clients a place where they can feel happy and content. She finds that seeing content clients and knowing she made a positive impact on their lives is the greatest motivation to keep pushing forward.