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Terry Williams

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As your Realtor, Terry Williams will tap into her life and career experiences to give her clients the customer service and hard work that buying and selling a home takes. It’s an exciting time when you’re becoming a “first-time buyer” and Terry will make sure that everything on your list for the perfect home is met. Having a real estate agent who understands what it’s like relocating to a new state or even moving to a different part of town is so important because no matter how big or small the move is it’s important to remember a new family must assimilate into a brand new community. Terry is here to make sure the process of moving is easy and smooth from start to finish. 

There are many seasons to life whether it be your first time buying a home, upsizing with your family or downsizing because the kids moved away, Terry is here to make sure whatever season of life you are in moves quickly and seamlessly. Most recently, she has experienced buying a home outfitted to care for a disabled loved one. Life throws us many opportunities and changes that make home buying and selling an important part of life. 

 Terry will be there for you as her client to support your home sale or purchase, with whatever you need. Using strategies from a 25 year career in education: Terry wants to know "Who?" you are, "What?" you are looking for in a home and a Realtor, "When?" you want to buy and or sell, "Where?" you want to be physically and financially and most importantly, "Why?" you want to be there. Terry is here to help you get there!