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Pom Souvannasoth

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Pom Souvannasoth is a long time Jacksonville local, dedicated family man and Real Estate Agent, who is excited to join the House & Haven Brokerage. Pom grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota but decided to move and make his home here in Jacksonville in 1995. He was drawn to the cleanliness of the city, the beautiful weather and it was a great place to raise a family and conduct successful business. Pom is a seasoned veteran to customer service, which is part of what makes him an outstanding Real Estate Agent. Not only is he known for his abilities in the Real Estate world, he is also very well known for his Thai food cooking. He was able to grace the community with his cooking after moving to Jacksonville by opening his first restaurant, Old Siam, in Neptune Beach where he met and created friendships with many locals, with whom he is still friends with to this day. After 20 years however, Pom believed it was time for a change. While cooking is still his passion, he found that Real Estate gave him the same thrill that he found with cooking and managing restaurants. He finds fulfillment in knowing that he will have the chance to help people make smart choices when it comes to their real estate decisions. With Real Estate he is never bored, and he loves the opportunity he has to work with some of the most wonderful people.

Pom posses a one-of-a-kind vision and the understanding of how best to serve his clients. By switching to House & Haven, Pom knows the change will allow him a greater freedom to continue as a real estate agent and to provide a higher level of customer service & satisfaction. Pom makes the challenges of buying a new home easy & comforting. From property assessment, market analysis and valuation to listing & selling your home Pom is a trusted agent that will hold your hand throughout the process. Buying a new home is one of the most important events for any family. Pom makes himself available 24/7 and understand how always being there for his clients can make a difference.