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Lisa Chlapowski

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Towards the end of her pursuit to finish her marketing degree at UCF in Orlando, FL, Lisa had a near death experience that opened her eyes to seek something more. She awoke from a coma to follow her quest to happiness. Lisa felt only you can place limitations on yourself & that it’s her life’s mission to learn as much as she possibly can about the world, people & vocations so she began her adventure in 2005.

While at UCF Lisa was a commercial interior designer & practiced marketing but decided to turn her focus towards health. She attended the Cortiva Institute Humanities Center School of Massage Therapy in Pinellas Park, FL & became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2007.

Her profession was very fulfilling but in 2016 Lisa moved to Jacksonville to begin a life with her boyfriend where she continued massage therapy both privately & at a 5 Diamond Resort. They found a beautiful home in Mandarin & that made Lisa realize how special home buying can be for a person. She wanted to provide this amazing experience for as many people as she possibly could and it was at this point she decided on her new venture!

A few years later Lisa was introduced to Chris & Julie Childers & they invited her to meet their family at House & Haven Realty. The staff was welcoming and kind & their eagerness to introduce her to the field of real estate was everything she could hope for! She truly wants to become an asset for this team and to dedicate herself to her clients by providing them with an easy & exciting home buying experience.