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Justin Roberts family’s origin is in Kauai, Hawaii and he has lived in Jacksonville Florida his entire life. For years, Justin served as Assistant Youth Director where he was mentoring, planning activities, and overseeing Biblical Studies for over 300 youth.  He has always been greatly revered, admired, and respected by young people. God has given Justin a gift to be able to sing and play multiple instruments and it has taken him to many places around the world. His gifts, at times, come with sacrifices and very unfortunate situations. There was a time He sang at two funerals every week for an entire month. Unfortunately, the funerals were ALL a result of suicides of young people in his age category. These tragedies immediately prompted him to pick up his guitar and passionately sing a Bruno Mars song. The lyrics said, “You are amazing just the way you are.” The song went viral in just two days! 

Justin is the owner of The Saint Clair School of Music and Arts LLC; offering one-on-one instruction in vocal, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and piano where students learn the fundamentals of music and theory. His youngest student is age eleven and his eldest is sixty-five. He has also had the awesome privilege to speak on panels on the local WJXT news and various forums around the world encouraging and motivating our youth.

Justin is a Proven Leader and Self-motivated Professional with over eight years of excellent customer relations and client resolution. He is professionally trained in structuring, planning, and developing programs for youth. He is an accomplished musician, educator, and licensed real estate agent.

As Justin was deciding where to continue his real estate journey, he was torn between two other brokerages. After meeting a couple of members of the House & Haven team, Justin was instantly sold. His friend, Towns, placed his Real Estate license here and only had good things to say!

Justin has always had an interest in houses and making people happy! He is amazed at how you can move and manufacture just pure land into a beautiful home. His clients can easily expect the most painless, professional, transaction they’ve ever experienced. They can also expect to be handled with gentleness and care, but also with an assuredness that he will do everything legally in his power to handle every need they have!