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Judson Walker

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Judson Walker has been in the real estate industry for a short time but that won’t change the amazing service he can provide to his clients as an agent. Before getting into real estate, Judson was in the construction industry for many years which led him to become interested in real estate. Having a background in construction is extremely helpful to Judson’s understanding of the real estate industry because he is able to grasp the back end of building homes and the effort that goes into the process, allowing him to fully take in exactly what his clients are looking for in a home. 

The main reason Judson chose to get into real estate is the clients, his main goal is to find exactly what his buyers or sellers are looking for and always making sure that they never have to settle for anything less than what they have in mind. When Judson isn’t working he loves to spend his free time attending concerts, bike riding and participating in triathlons. Being able to donate to the Florida Theatre is very important to Judson because of its historic value and the amazing performances.