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Joe Newton

Broker of Operations

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As a life-long resident of Jacksonville, Joe Newton has seen many changes in our great city. What started as the largest city by land in the U.S, Jacksonville has become a thriving one-way destination for new and existing businesses to operate, as well as a consistently adapting luxury and widespread residential market. In order to capture and build on the current opportunities in the Real Estate market, one must align themselves with a brokerage that understands the unique and constantly growing climate of Northeast Florida whether residential, commercial or simply the lifestyle. Joe is proud to be aligned with House & Haven.

On a personal note, Joe is married with 5 children and he has always loved being a father and a husband. Alongside of family, Joe has served as a teaching pastor at a number of fellowships for over 20 years. Recently his wife began a live theatre in the area of old Arlington. They strive to bring the arts to an underserved community.  These are their passions outside of real estate, they love to help people find their better life, and opportunities they might not otherwise experience. Life is about more than what we can take, it is better lived through what we can give. Joe is honored to help you in any way he can.