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Kylah Hedgpeth & Erika Richardson

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Kylah Hedgpeth: (904) 219-9042 | [email protected]

Erika Richardson: (716) 310-1570 | [email protected]               

Introducing Kylah Hedgpeth, a Trenton, New Jersey native who made the exciting move to Jacksonville, Florida with her family in 2006. Kylah's journey into the industry began as a leasing agent for rental properties, where she discovered her love for real estate. She thrived on ensuring the satisfaction of current residents and actively seeking new tenants to minimize vacancy rates. Kylah's experience in the apartment industry gives her a unique advantage in real estate transactions. Her passion lies in serving people and assisting them in finding their perfect home. With Kylah by your side, you can expect exceptional service and a personalized approach to your real estate needs.

Introducing Erika Richardson, a Buffalo, New York native who recently made the exciting move to Jacksonville in May of 2022. Erika's extensive experience in customer service roles has paved the way for her remarkable journey into the world of real estate. Her genuine passion lies in connecting with buyers and sellers, as well as assisting individuals and families in achieving their dreams of homeownership. Erika's innate ability to build relationships and her unwavering dedication to helping others make her an exceptional asset in the real estate industry. Beyond her professional pursuits, what Erika finds closest to her heart is volunteering at animal shelters, a cherished hobby she has carried with her from Buffalo to Los Angeles and now to Jacksonville. Erika's commitment to making a positive impact extends far beyond the realm of real estate.

The E&K Group decided to join House & Haven as they instantly knew it was the perfect brokerage for them. From the exquisite ambiance of the office to the incredible personalities of their colleagues, House & Haven provides the perfect fit. The E&K Group couldn't be happier to be part of a team that offers exceptional hands-on training and guidance for talented agents like themselves. Their enthusiasm and dedication are sure to make a significant impact as they embark on this exciting journey with House & Haven.