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Callie Wheeland

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Callie, a North Carolina native, established roots in Jacksonville. As a military spouse with firsthand experience in frequent relocations and managing a family, she has acquired a profound understanding of the complexities involved in a smooth and successful move. With a background in event planning and sales, Callie has honed her ability to grasp her clients' vision and ensure their expectations are not only met but exceeded. Her genuine passion for people led her to pursue a career in real estate after experiencing the joy of purchasing her own properties and working closely with agents. 

In her free time, Callie cherishes moments spent with her loved ones, whether it's enjoying the beach or hosting gatherings and giving back to the community. As a devoted mother to a child with special needs, she is committed to giving back to Apraxia Kids, a leading nonprofit organization that supports children with apraxia of speech.

Joining House & Haven was truly one of the easiest decisions she had ever made! She knew mid-interview that she didn't want to look elsewhere. The atmosphere was incredibly welcoming, and she immediately recognized the abundance of expertise within the company and knew it would provide the perfect foundation for a successful real estate career.